I wanna ROCK with you

I wanna ROCK with you

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MULTICOLORS CRAYONS- Eight (8) colors Non-toxic, all natural soy wax crayons: red, green, blue, egg yolk yellow, black, brown, orange, purple in a blue velvet bag.

  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE - Designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children and improve motor coordination.

  • STIMULATE CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION - Allows small fingers to color easily in large, wide strokes. Designed to make creativity accessible at an early age, with tools designed for stages so that kids can progress at their own natural pace.

  • CRAYON SIZE & DURABILITY- 1 1/4 x inch (Images may appear larger) Long lasting and durable. Although appearing smaller, volume is actually greater than major brand stick crayons.

  • CHOKING HAZARD- Not for children under 3. Use with appropriate supervision.

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